I am taking the time to write this letter because I couldn’t be more pleased with my contractors work. Frank Berardi ran his crew with professional guidance every step of the way. After having my house flooded and the floors gutted in my kitchen and basement, and all walls down to the studs, I thought it would take forever to get my house back to normal. I’m 71, and have had many contractors over the years. Let’s just say, in my lifetime this is my second letter.

I’m used to sloppy workmanship, little attention to detail, jobs taking much longer than expected, and up charges at the end. This guy had EVERY MAN BUSY all day long! When they made a mess, they cleaned it up. Frank took pride in his work, and his fellow employees work as well, checking to make sure they were running like a well oiled machine. The speed and efficiency of this job is one for the record books! And there was no changing the price at the end of the job.

To see a man in this day in age, conducting his workers like an orchestra was incredible. There was a lot of workers in my home, all of them were kind and courteous. People skills are very important when you are working in someone’s home. Frank is a likable, and easy to talk to guy. I will recommend Frank and his team to everyone! I’ve had so many disappointments with contractors over the years, but this guy hit it right out of the park! I consider this man trustworthy and a part of my family now. He is a throwback of the good old days, where a man’s word was his bond. I shook his hand, and that was it. If any of my daughters need a contractor, I will send him in a minute! Too many contractors take advantage of women and people not in there fields. He is a cut above the rest! I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate his dedication to his craft. If you’re expecting to get ripped off, you will be sadly disappointed!