Specializing in the consumer and builder markets alike, Not Just Kitchens prides itself on delivering quality kitchens at the most competitive prices in the industry. Semi-custom cabinets, granite and marble counter tops, and much much more. We welcome you to visit our Showroom where we promise you will have an experience like no other. We take all the confusion out of the entire process and guide you in making the best choices when it comes to beautifying your home!

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We know that flooring is a very important part of your home, which expresses your unique personality. We will put all of our expertise to work for you into helping you choose the right floor.


Marble is a polished limestone composed mainly of calcite. Most marble is imported from Italy and Spain. Like granite, marble is formed beneath the earth’s surface; however, it is softer and less heat resistant.


Granite is an igneous rock composed mainly of quartz and feldspar formed millions of years ago from lava flow. It is found deeply within the earth’s surface and is used for countertops, flooring and more.


One of the decisions you will have to make when selecting granite will be in selecting your edge profile to finish off your overall look. At Not Just Kitchens, we are here to help you make that perfect decision!

In-House Installation Team

For over 10 years we have specialized in turning our customer’s dreams into reality. Whether you want a new Kitchen, Bathroom, Extension or even a new exterior deck… We’ll help you build it! Our contractors are qualified and certified experts! We guarantee quality in all our work.